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Recruiting Specialists for Eastern European Workers

Recruiting Specialists for Eastern European Workers

Why use us

  • We conduct all interviews for staff
  • Provide temporary staff to cover sickness or holidays
  • Avoid employing unnecessary staff
  • Avoid paying  11% employees contribution tax
  • Steer clear from surplus spending on sick days and paid leave
  • Prevent any hiring and firing complications
  • No risk of tribunal implications

We do extensive research in your sector, ultimately to recruit the perfect candidate.

Sector specialist businesses cannot target all potential candidates for you, but as we do not concentrate exclusively on a particular sector, we are able to offer a diverse thorough service.

We will recruit potential candidates to your specification and will target anyone from within any business; we also do not re-use candidates from old target lists or databases.

We have a history of filling the most difficult roles across a wide range of sectors.